Following our 'Ethical Luxury' post back in August, we thought we might give you a little background into the fabulous Mater Accessories Collection...

A favourite of design seekers around the world, Mater (Latin for Mother) founded in 2006 by Henrik Marstrand, is a Copenhagen-based company with a strong vision to create top quality, timeless, beautiful home accessories based on an ethical business strategy and work methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment.

High Stools in Hotel Distrito Capital Mexico, designed by Paris based architect Joseph Dirand.

Dome Lamp by Todd Bracher won 2008 Wallpaper Magazine Table Lamp of the year.

Mater's commitment to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible production follows the principles of the UN voluntary corporate responsibility initiative – the United Nations' global compact. Currently producing in China, Vietnam and India all factories and workshops will be audited by a third party danish team that has been specially trained.

High stools in production - local craftsmen doing the final polishing.

Shade light - local craftsman applying the special hand hammering technique.

One example of Mater's working method is the creation of the marble/wood collection of candelabras and bowls by American designer Todd Bracher. the entire collection, consisting of marble stone and wood, was developed on site in Jaipur province, India, in close collaboration with a local partner AKFD Studio and local craftsmen. The chosen marble and wood are unique to the region and present the highest quality of materials and production, but by no means are rare or endangered.

Ready marblewood part at local workshop.

Black and White Marble Fruit Bowl.

Black and White Two way candle holders.

Designer Todd Bracher states "Working with mater is a chance for a designer to connect with local artisans to exchange ideas. With globalization the world is losing indigenous crafts, which is why an awareness of preserving such crafts is increasingly important."

This beautiful Mater Collection is available throughout Australia and New Zealand from Corporate Culture.



First launched in Paris in 1953, Serge Mouille's lighting collection fast became the lighting choice for collectors and avant-garde architects worldwide.
Each considered a piece of art, the Serge Mouille lights have never gone into large production each piece are still made completely by hand with the original tools designed by Mouille himself - Absolute Perfection!!

These iconic lighting fixtures are now available throughout Australia and New Zealand from Corporate Culture.



With so much talk at the moment regarding Authentic Designer Furniture versus Replica Furniture, we thought it best to set the record straight on where Corporate Culture stand on Authentic Design. The term ‘design’ is key in the entire debate. Original design is not driven by price, nor does original design need to be expensive to be considered ‘designer’. Original design is about creative problem solving and innovation. Too often are the masters such as Arne Jacobsen and Le Corbusier’s design philosophies misunderstood? The Series 7 chair was never intended to be a luxury item, it was intended to be an everyday chair for all people. With time these prolific works have become enormously desirable and yes, a leather Egg chair or an LC4 Chaise are not in every one's budget, but why? Is it not a testament to the designers that these pieces have stood the test of time both in style and quality? In many cases vintage pieces from names like Jacobsen, Le Corbusier and Wegner are equally expensive as buying brand-new. The issue is not in the price tag, it would be unrealistic of us to expect everyone to afford many of these items, but we don’t believe the solution lies in replicas. For those who cannot afford these pieces, spend your money on new up and coming talent, support the current generation of designers with dreams of one day being considered one of the greats. We can’t guarantee you they will become one of the greats and quadruple in value, but we can guarantee you the replicas definitely won’t.

Arne Jacobsen designed the Series 7 in 1955.

Series 7 today, by Fritz Hansen

Le Corbusier designed the LC4 in 1928

LC4 Chaise today, by Cassina

Hans J Wegner designed the CH24 'Wishbone Chair' in 1950.

CH24 'Wishbone Chair' today, by Carl Hansen & Sons.

Corporate Culture are proud founding members of the Authentic Design Alliance.



Following our last post being dedicated to Copenhagen and Denmark, what better time to get all patriotic and pay homage to Australia's most celebrated designer.

At just 46 years of age, Sydney-born Marc Newson, has worked fast to achieve his superstar status, creating a vast and eclectic body of work in the process.

His CV includes everything from iconic furniture pieces to watches and clothing, commercial interior design, the 'Skybed' and A380 seating for Qantas, a concept car for Ford and even the Spaceplane for EADS Astrium - Absolute Genius!!

Lockheed Lounge, 1986-1988 - Pod

Fibreglass Felt Chair, 1989 - Cappellini

Wood Chair, 1988 - Cappellini

Spring Summer Collection 2009 - G-Star Raw

2009 - Boucheron Paris

O21C Concept Car, 1999 - Ford Motor Company

Bicycle, 1999-2000 - Biomega

Spaceplane, 2007 - EADS Astrium

Lighting, Olympics Games, 2000 - Sydney Opera House